It’s Pumpkin Season! GF and Vegan cookies

Soft-Pumpkin-Cookies-Gluten-Free-VeganIt’s Fall and that means it’s pumpkin season! I love pumpkin season, mainly because I love pumpkin-flavored sweets, but also because it conjures up images of golden leaves falling from trees, and cheesy as this may sound, because Fall is when you can start feel the vibration of the holiday season in the air. Things are changing in the Fall – kids are going back to school, colleagues are rejuvenating after summer vacations, and people are getting ready for colder weather and big family/friend get-togethers. I’ve already broken out the hot cocoa and pumpkin-flavored coffee, and now it’s time for Fall recipes!

To kick it off, here’s a classic sweet pumpkin recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from Tessa the Domestic Diva that is gluten-free and vegan. She recommends using fresh pumpkin puree, but in case you don’t have time to fiddle around with a pumpkin, canned purees are also great – I personally love the one from Trader Joe’s, if you’re lucky enough to have one near you. Make sure you buy dairy-free or vegan chocolate chips if you have a dairy allergy/intolerance! Enjoy!

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