Partner Feature: Ritual Wellness

The Tasteful Pantry is happy to announce that our partner promotion with Ritual Wellness, a top of the line organic juice cleanse company based in Southern California. For a limited time, Tasteful Pantry members get 20% off a 3-day Reset Cleanse (details below). Jumpstart your New Years resolution now!

RC_Lineup_Seasonal smallerRitual Wellness makes 100% organic, fresh-pressed, raw juices and is the only cleanse that offers a fitness-friendly option. Ritual’s mainstay product is their Reset Cleanse, which comes in classic and seasonal varieties. Each cleanse comes with a variety of green juices, detoxing lemonades and nut “mylks”. For those wanting more flexibility with their juicing, they also offer a “build your own” option that can be used to complement a healthy balanced diet.

Ritual Wellness was founded by workout partners Marra St. Clair and Lori Kenyon Farley

Ritual Wellness founders Marra St. Clair and Lori Kenyon Farley
Ritual Wellness founders Marra St. Clair and Lori Kenyon Farley

in March 2010, largely as the result of Marra’s extensive search for a detox solution that would help her digestive system recover from the effects of celiac disease. “I had stomach issues, unexplainable weight loss, and I was always sick and fatigued. It took me 3 years in consultation with GI specialists and an acupuncturist to discover that all of this was due to celiac.” Sound familiar, anyone? Marra then underwent a 1-month detox program, eating only simple clean foods then switching to pure juicing, which she found gave her digestive system a rest and helped her system rid itself of the toxins that had built up. Similarly, Lori turned to juicing to help cleanse herself of the effects that multiple rounds of antibiotics had wreaked on her system. Both women experienced a dramatic increase in energy, huge improvements in their “tummy troubles” and a visible boost in overall health and appearance.

Marra and Lori spent a year researching and developing their juice formulations, working with food labs and only using the best 100% organic ingredients. For Marra, a lifestyle that includes juicing is key to living fully with celiac – “it is the fastest way for the body to eliminate toxins and is also a helpful way to lay the groundwork for understanding what food allergies people might suffer from”, she says. Ritual’s line of juices have proven themselves to be the top of the line, and are embraced by celebrities and busy moms/professionals alike. Unlike many other juice cleanses out there right now, Rituals’ juices have been certified organic and their formulations always reflect the best proportions of fresh fruits and vegetables for optimal health (versus others that may for example list kale as an ingredient but only include a tiny proportion of kale).

The health benefits of juicing? Ritual’s cold-pressed juices include more nutrients than your standard “meat & potato” diet, in addition to providing the body with protein, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. Doing a juice cleanse for a defined period of time is a great way to reset the body and prepare it to eat cleaner going forward.

I don’t think I can completely cut out solid food… No problem, you can buy Ritual’s juices as a complement to a healthy diet. Marra recommends “building your own” cleanse, which you can order in quantities of 6 or 8 juices at a time. Juice up until dinner then have a normal healthy meal. Leave out the nut mylks and stay focused on the green juices and lemonades.

Details of the Tasteful Pantry Member promotion

20% off one of Ritual’s 3-day Reset Cleanses (just $57.60 per day!). Juices can be shipped nationwide or picked up at a Southern CA drop-off location (see for locations). The deal expires 1/31/14.

 This nutrient-rich three-day juice cleanse is designed to reset eating habits, eliminate cravings, and kick start a healthy diet.

  • Nearly 20 pounds of 100% USDA Organic produce is pressed into each day’s allotment of six 16-ounce bottles of pure goodness.
  • Choice between our Classic Reset Cleanse (4x Chlorophyll-Rich Green Blends, One Alkalizing Lemonade, and One Protein-Packed Nut Mylk) or our Seasonal Reset Cleanse (3x Chlorophyll-Rich Green Blends, One Antioxidant-Packed Fruit Blend, One Alkalizing Lemonade, and One Protein-Packed Nut Mylk). Individual juice nutritional information and details can be found at
  • The Reset Cleanse program is designed to be consumed independently from food. The bottles are numbered in the order of consumption for added convenience. The Reset Cleanse is free of the additives, chemicals, stimulants, hormones and pesticides consumed in the standard American diet, allowing your body to achieve a natural Reset. In addition to flushing toxins, the chlorophyll and enzyme-rich juices fuel your body with nature’s best organic fruits and vegetables, acting as catalysts for better health.

Click HERE to get the deal. If you’re not already a Tasteful Pantry member, you’ll just need to sign up with your name and email address for access to this and other cool deals.

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