14 Things to do with Coconut Bacon


In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new snack sensation on the block: Maple Chipotle Coconut Bacon from LA’s premier vegan restaurant, Café Gratitude. Made from organic coconut from Indonesia, these coconut flakes have been dehydrated and sautéed with olive oil, chipotle, maple syrup and Himalayan salt to produce a smoky, sweet and savory coconut bacon that is naturally gluten-free and vegan. This stuff is seriously delicious, completely natural, and super healthy (check out our post on coconut’s health benefits)! It is truly delicious as a snack on its own (watch out they’re addictive!), but we talked with Café Gratitude Executive Chef Dreux Ellis about some other creative ways to use coconut bacon.

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14 Things to do with Coconut Bacon

Yo Soy Feliz corn tostadas with coconut bacon at Cafe Gratitude
Yo Soy Feliz corn tostadas with coconut bacon at Cafe Gratitude

1. Sandwiches & Burgers. Add some coconut bacon to any sandwich or burger to spice it up and add some crunch. Says Chef Dreux: “We put a fresh take on an old classic by including it in our ‘I Am Extraordinary’ BLT sandwich at Café Gratitude – people loved that little bit of sweetness that the maple syrup added.”

2. Pizza. Swap the pepperoni for a healthier option that will wake up your taste buds and make them wonder what other foodie creations are coming their way!

3. Tacos & Tostadas. Café Gratitude tops off their “Yo Soy Feliz” portobello black bean corn tostadas with some of this chipotle maple goodness as well as cashew ricotta cheese. Each bite is pure, fresh deliciousness!

4. Salads. Do you miss croutons (if you’re gluten-free)? Now you can add some substance to your salad by replacing those wheat-filled croutons (or worse yet, Bac-O Bits – remember those?) with coconut bacon!

5. On top of fruit. OK, this may sound weird, but I promise it is delicious. Have you ever had grilled pineapple or watermelon with sriracha (check out Michael Voltaggio’s ink.sack). This is the same idea – mixin’ up those sweet & spicy flavors!

6. As an ice cream topping. You read that right. The nuttiness of the coconut will complement the sweetness of the maple syrup and ice cream, while the chipotle gives it a little kick. Try it.

7. Baked goods. Bake it into muffins, cornbread, or even cinnamon rolls. Chef Dreux says “Our coconut bacon goes beautifully inside baked goods – the nuttiness of the coconut adds depth while the maple and chipotle add a unique flavor.”

8. Eggs. Of course, you can simply replace the classic eggs & bacon breakfast combo with eggs & coconut bacon for a healthier vegetarian option. But try putting these flakes on TOP of the eggs and see what happens…

9. Granola. Another breakfast favorite – mix it up with your normal granola to add some healthy fats and flavor to your morning.

10. Popcorn. This is a good one – sneak a bag into the movie theatre and sprinkle on top of your popcorn, or mix it in to your microwave popcorn at home. Yummy!

11. Nuts. Make your own trail mix by adding some of these flakes to your favorite nuts – perfect to boost your energy pre-workout!

12. Soups & Stews. Add as a garnish and transform the flavor of your soup or stew. Chef Dreux loves it on Cafe Gratitude’s carrot avocado soup.

13. Veggie side dishes. Sprinkle some on top of some simple steamed or sautéed veggies. Soooooo good with roasted brussel sprouts!

14. On it’s own. Yup, that’s right! Eat them straight out of the bag as a snack and you’ll find you won’t be able to stop they’re so mouth-watering!

For those of you who aren’t so into the spice of the chipotle and the sweetness of the maple syrup, check out Dang coconut chips, coming soon to our Low Carb Box and the shop. These are lightly toasted coconut chips flavored with just a bit of salt and sugar. The list above applies deliciously to Dang coconut chips too!

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