10 Ways to Re-Use the Tasteful Pantry box!

Treat Box

Since the Tasteful Pantry launched, we’ve heard from multiple customers that they love the box that their Treat Box goodies come in, and that it’s so pretty they don’t want to throw it away! We love our box too and wanted to make sure it was not only aesthetically pleasing but also strong and functional. Did you know that each box is strong enough that you could probably stand on it? So after the box has served its initial purpose of protecting your treats, give it a makeover with these creative ways to re-purpose the box. And of course if none of these tickles your fancy, you can always recycle it! 

1) Pantry organizer. Cut the top off of your Tasteful Pantry box and line the shelves of your pantry with separate boxes for any collection of items that are loose and disorganized. Examples include teas, spices & herbs, oils, nuts, baking ingredients. The retro jars on the sides of the box are great for styling-up any pantry!DSC01179

2) Allergen separator. Do you keep a household where some people follow a special diet and others don’t? Use the Tasteful Pantry box to hold ingredients and foods that you’d like to keep separated from your other allergen-containing foods. As an example, for those of you who do gluten-free baking, you probably have had to use a variety of flours and starches. Use your Tasteful Pantry box to keep all your different flours in one place – a Flour Box!DSC01198

3) Vitamin box. Do you have multiple bottles of vitamins or pills floating around? Keep them organized inside your Tasteful Pantry box!

4) Crayon/Kids’ crafts box. Keep all the kids’ crayons, markers, chalk, yarn and other arts & crafts materials nice and contained in your Tasteful Pantry box. Just use a piece of cardboard inside the box as a separator and load it up!DSC01162

5) Office supplies organizer. Use a piece of cardboard to create compartments (for 4 compartments, cut slits down 3/4 of two pieces of cardboard and slot them together), and store your pens, pencils, clips, business cards, chargers, headphones, etc. When you’re done with your work, just close the box to hide the compartments and you’ll have our beautiful tree logo to look at instead of a bunch of wires and clips!DSC01187

6) Desk snack box. Keep your healthy snacks nearby with the purpose the box was designed for: holding snacks! Re-use your Tasteful Pantry box to hold your snacks at your desk. Keep the box on top of your desk as decoration, or hide it in a drawer so keep it off limits to co-workers!

7) Lunch box. Yes this box is strong enough to hold your or your kids’ lunches. Just cut the handles off of a shopping bag and affix them with strong tape or superglue to the top of the box (not the side that opens) and you’ve got yourself one good lookin’ lunch box!

8) Gift box. Decorate or wrap your Tasteful Pantry box in wrapping paper and re-use it as a gift box. Let your creative juices flow – decorate it with your favorite colors and materials and make it uniquely and artistically yours!

9) Treasure box / time capsule. Andy Warhol made hundreds of ephemera boxes to hold press clippings, art supplies, posters, audio tapes, photographs, decorative art objects, and many personal items such as clothing and his wigs. If you’re an artist or like to keep mementos of trips or stages of your life, use your Tasteful Pantry boxes to help you organize and preserve your keepsakes.

10) Unique shelving. Don’t just buy any plain shelf. With a wooden (or other) board, you can repurpose your Tasteful Pantry boxes as bricks for shelves or the base of a table or stand. Just make sure you bind them together securely and fill them with something heavy (like rocks) if you want them to be weighted down.DSC01174

Have any other creative ideas for re-using the Tasteful Pantry box? Post it on our Facebook page!

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