Product Review: Ancient Harvest Supergrain Veggie Curls (GF, DF, V, SF, NF)

Natural Factor
Taste Factor
Fullness Factor
Overall Rating
Macros (per serving):
Total Fat: 1g / Total Carbs: 46g / Protein: 4g

Good with: A nice meat ragu or veggie tomato sauce

Other Flavors: Elbows, Penne, Rotelle, Shells, Linguine, Spaghetti, Garden Pagodas

Why We Love It: We have searched long and hard for a gluten-free pasta that passes the flavor and texture test. Most turn mushy after cooking or taste completely bland. But Ancient Grains’ Supergrain pastas really taste like the real thing – no mushiness here! The pasta is mainly a combination of corn and quinoa flours, and aside from those, only contains three other vegetable ingredients. That’s it! The only reason we didn’t give it an overall rating of 5 is because it’s pretty high on the carb count, but hey, it is pasta…

Meet the Makers: Based in Boulder, CO, Ancient Harvest makes grains, flours, pastas, polentas and cereals based on ancient grains such as quinoa, millet and amaranth, and corn. All of their products are certified gluten-free, top 8 allergen free, non-GMO and certified organic. They make their products in a dedicated facility, so no gluten or nut cross-contamination!

Fun Fact: Ancient Harvest was the first company to bring quinoa into the US when they walked the very first bag of Bolivian quinoa into a Boulder food store.

GFCO certification Organic certification Kosher certification star




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