Product Review: Smart Balance Organic Buttery Spread (GF, DF, V, NF)

Natural Factor
Taste Factor
Fullness Factor
Overall Rating
Macros (per serving):
Total Fat: 9g / Total Carbs: 0g / Protein: 0g

Good with: A toasted gluten-free bagel (we like Udi’s)

Other Flavors: Original, Light w/ Flaxseed Oil, Omega-3, Butter Spread w/ Olive Oil, Low Sodium, Calcium, Buttery Burst Spray

Why We Love It: This is a great vegan butter replacement that really does taste like the real thing and adds flavor to toast, bagels and sandwiches. We’ve also used it in cooking and baking and it behaves similarly to butter and overall works great. However, for those under the misconception that using a vegan replacement will dramatically lower the fat content of the spread, prepare to be disappointed. This spread has 9g of fat per serving, just 3g less than normal full-fat butter, although proportionately less of that fat is saturated.

Meet the Makers: Based in Boulder, CO, Smart Balance makes a variety of butter replacements as well as peanut butter and milk. All of their products, organic or not, are non-GMO verified, and have no trans fat. Smart Balance is a part of Boulder Brands, a leading natural foods provider which also makes Udi’s, Glutino and EVOL, and Earth Balance.

Fun Fact: Smart Balance’s transition to completely non-GMO is a recent one. The company went through an entire revamp of how they source their ingredients so that they could announce at the beginning of March 2014 that their buttery spreads were sourced from 100% non-GMO ingredients.


Organic certification

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