Chocolatey Peanut Butter Bars (GF, DF)


Chocolate and peanut butter is a match made in heaven. A little bit of sweet, and a little bit of salty – does it get any better than that?

I don’t know about you, but the first thing that pops into my head when thinking about this combination is a peanut butter cup. However, my cravings quickly dissipate when I remember just how many artificial ingredients are added to them, which wreak havoc on the human body.

Although these bars aren’t quite a peanut butter cup, they come in close taste wise. And guess what? They don’t contain any ingredients that aren’t good for you! How’s that for a healthy snack that also boosts your energy and your mood?

Other than its addicting flavor, peanut butter is full of protein and heart healthy fats. Coconut flakes and coconut oil increase energy, and allow for better absorption of vitamins and minerals. Cacao nibs are full of antioxidants, which help to fight free radicals in your body, and also boost your mood. Dates are a naturally sweet fruit high in fiber and potassium, while cinnamon just so happens to bring out its sweetness while stabilizing blood sugar.

This gooey, chocolatey and nutty recipe is quick and easy. So next time you’re having a salty and sweet craving, be sure to have one of these bars on hand to grab!

Ingredients (makes about 8 bars):

2 tbsp. peanut butter

2 tbsp. cacao nibs

½ cup coconut flakes

10 dates (pitted, soaked)

½ tsp. cinnamon

½ tsp. coconut oil

Pinch of salt

Place your dates in a bowl of water and soak them for about 5 minutes. This will make your dates easier to work with in the food processor.

Combine cacao nibs and coconut flakes in a food processor, and pulse until combined.

Next, add cinnamon, salt and coconut oil. Pulse again until combined.

Add in peanut butter and dates, and pulse on high for 30 seconds or until the mixture is fully combined. (Your mixture should be slightly crumbly, but will stick together when forming.)

Place the mixture in an 8×5 baking pan, and use a spatula to pack it in on the bottom. If you don’t have an 8×5 baking pan, no worries! Just use whatever size pan you have.

Once the mixture is set, refrigerate for 30 minutes, then enjoy!

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