Bo Nuage: “Cloud Cakes” in LA


Who wouldn’t want to visit a pastry shop called “beautiful clouds”? I recently discovered Bo Nuage at the suggestion of another gluten-free dairy-free friend, and I literally felt like a kid in a candy shop when I walked in the door. Not only is the small pastry shop on LA’s trendy Melrose Ave. adorable and welcoming, but their case of colorful, indulgent, meringue “cloud cakes” is absolutely magnetic. On top of that, their staff is very very well-versed in food allergy friendliness – the woman who helped us could not only speak to which flavors a gluten/dairy/nut allergic person could safely eat, but she could go into their sanitation practices to avoid cross contamination. All in a clear, friendly, unassuming way, which I find is rare for someone being peppered with a million questions.


Since meringue in itself is naturally gluten and dairy-free, there are LOTs of gluten and dairy-free options at Bo Nuage. Each meringue cake is covered in cream and topped with a delicious flavor like coffee, coconut, pistachio, red velvet, hazelnut. When you bite into one of their Nuages, you initially get creamy and crispy, but as you move towards the center of the cake, the merginue changes texture to become a little bit soft, a little bit chewy.

Their normal cream is soy-based, however a few of their flavors do have a dairy-based cream (e.g. red velvet which has a cream cheese-flavored cream), and four of their 14 flavors also contain a gluten topping. Their typical Nuage contains 200 calories, with a few fruit flavored ones containing 100 and their nut varieties containing 300. They also make full-sized cakes made with 2 large layers of meringue covered in the topping of your choice, or cream plus fresh fruit. If you can’t have gluten, dairy, or yeast, this could be the birthday cake for you!!


Bo Nuage was founded by pastry chefs Pascal and Audrey Achcar. With degrees from a pastry and baking school in Paris, and after founding a successful baked goods brand in Northern Africa, Pascal and Audrey found themselves looking for their next adventure. After discovering the northern French meringue delicacy on a small boulevard in Paris, they decided to bring Nuage Cakes to their newly adopted home in Los Angeles. Every detail in their shop is well-designed and a reminder of Parisian style. Even their takeaway boxes look like little hat boxes!


If you every find yourself in LA and craving something different and sweet, we recommend you check out Bo Nuage. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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