Product Review: Apinya Thai Basil Aji Chili Sauce

Natural Factor 4/5
Taste Factor 4/5
Fullness Factor 1/5
Overall Rating 4/5
Macros (per serving): Total Fat: 0g / Total Carbs: 0g / Protein: 0g

Good with: Chicken or beef taco, especially marinated in an Asian-inspired sauce

Other Flavors: Thai Chili Sauce, Ghost Vindaloo, Coconut Harissa, Pumpkin Panang

Why We Love It: This hot sauce is not your average hot sauce – it’s got hints of South American and Asian flavors. Inspired by Peruvian aji verde salsa, this sauce is also infused with Thai basil, Thai chilies, cilantro and garlic. We tried this with an Asian-inspired chicken taco topped with coleslaw and this sauce and it was awesome. Unlike many other hot sauces, you can taste the freshness of the herbs they use! As an added bonus, this sauce is vegan, fat free, sugar free, gluten free, soy-free and low sodium!

Meet the Makers: Based in Herndon, VA, Apinya Thai Food Co. was founded in 2012 by Adam and Apinya, a young couple that loves to eat and travel together. Inspired by Apinya’s Thai roots and their travels together, they developed their first original chili sauce over 8 months and 68 test batches in their kitchen. Each of their flavors is has a vegetable base and is inspired by a dish or sauce from a different country, from Thailand to Peru to India.

Fun Fact: Their Pumpkin Panang sauce is a purely seasonal sauce, available only in the Fall. The idea came to Adam as he was sipping a seasonal flavored cup of coffee – let us guess, was it a Pumpkin Spice Latte, Adam?




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