Product Review: Explore Asian Black Bean Spaghetti

Natural Factor 5/5
Taste Factor 4/5
Fullness Factor 4/5
Overall Rating 4/5
Macros (per serving): Total Fat: 2g / Total Carbs: 17g / Protein: 25g

Good with: Any sauce, but we loved it with a cold miso dressing

Other Flavors: Adzuki bean pasta, Soybean pasta, Mung bean pasta, Edamame bean pasta, Jasmine brown rice noodles, Jasmine red rice noodles

Why We Love It: This gluten-free pasta ticks many of the boxes that other gluten-free pasta’s don’t – it’s lower in carbs, higher in protein and fiber, and doesn’t turn to mush once cooked! The flavor of the noodles themselves is pretty neutral, so easily pair-able with any type of sauce. Although the texture is a tiny bit rubbery, overall it maintains its structure when cooked and the texture is delightfully similar to Japanese soba noodles.

Meet the Makers: Based in Red Bank, NJ, Explore Asian makes a variety of gluten-free noodles that are vegan, kosher and primarily bean based. While exploring the Far East, their founder, Joe, came across soybean noodles, a common staple in Asian cuisine, and that inspired him to make something similar for his friends and family in the West. Their bean pastas have 20-25 grams of protein per serving and are low in carbs and sodium while high in fiber – not a bad combination for a pasta!

Fun Fact: Their pasta is made just above raw (they’re made at 120 degrees vs 115). If you want to prepare them in this almost-raw state, just soak them in a bowl of water overnight in the fridge!


GFCO certification Organic certificationUnknown Unknown-1



Check out our recipe for Black Bean Noodles with Miso Dressing on the blog and check out our Facebook giveaway of these delicious noodles!

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