Product Review: Omission Gluten-Free Lager Beer

Natural Factor 4/5
Taste Factor 4/5
Fullness Factor 2/5
Overall Rating 4/5
Macros (per serving): Total Fat: 0g / Total Carbs: 11g / Protein: 2g

Good with: Any dinner meal!

Other Flavors: IPA, Pale Ale

Why We Love It: It’s beer, and it’s gluten free! The company likes to call it the social connector, because you can bring this beer to a party and not have to explain to your friends what it is and why they won’t like it. Your friends can drink it and not even know it’s gluten free! It’s crisp, light, and can be enjoyed by even the biggest beer enthusiast. It doesn’t give you that bloated feeling, and contains 140 calories, 11 grams carbs and 2 grams protein per 12-ounce serving.

Meet the Makers: Based in Portland, Oregon, Omission has been testing the perfect gluten free beer recipe for years! Former CEO Terry Michaelson was diagnosed with Celiac disease shortly after he became CEO of Craft Brew Alliance. Talk about coincidence, huh? It upset him to not be able to take home his product and drink it because of his gluten allergy, so he decided to do something about it! After spending several years doing research about gluten and how to brew beer without it, he found a solution: a brewing enzyme called Brewers Clarex™. The beer is brewed with malted barley, hops, water, and yeast, and once the beer is ready for fermentation, Brewers Clarex™ is added and breaks apart and detoxifies the gluten protein chains. After brewing batch after batch, he finally created a product that a team of taste testers couldn’t even tell was gluten free! He finally knew he had something big. Omission is now the #1 gluten free beer in the United States. Let’s give them a round of applause!

Fun Fact: Omission is on track to sell over ½ million cases this year. That’s huge for a company who just started only 3 years ago.




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  1. This beer is not actually gluten free. It is only gluten reduced.

    “Moreover, based on FDA’s determination that there is still no scientifically valid way to evaluate the claims that beers made from gluten-containing grains can be processed in a way that removes gluten and that there is inadequate evidence about whether such methods are effective, it continues to be TTB’s position that use of the term “gluten-free” for such products would mislead consumers who are seeking to avoid the consumption of gluten for health reasons.”

    1. Thanks for your comment, Echoey13. Omission states that every batch of their beer is tested in a third party lab using the most advanced testing methodology available for fermented and hydrolyzed beverages – the R5 Competitive ELISA. All beer is held at the brewery until the tests come back as undetectable for gluten. They have never had a batch show any detectable gluten according to this test. In addition, they have performed Mass Spectrometry/Liquid Chromatography on Omission beers. These tests showed no presence of the known celiotoxic epitopes. As always, if you are celiac or have any other medical condition resulting on a sensitivity/allergy to certain foods, we recommend you consult a physician or other medical professional. But we hope the communication above from Omission is helpful.