Product Review: Cranberry & Pepper Tanka Bar

Natural Factor 4/5
Taste Factor 4/5
Fullness Factor 4/5
Overall Rating 4/5
Macros (per serving): Total Fat: 2g / Total Carbs: 7g / Protein: 7g

Good with: On its own!

Other Flavors: Slow Smoked Original, Apple Orange Peel

Why We Love It: Made from pure buffalo meat, this bar packs a protein punch without the carbs or fat! It’s a great snack to have before or after a workout, or to sustain you between meals. It is super tasty with a little bit of sweetness and a little bit of a kick from the black pepper – we definitely prefer this to other “meat bars” out there. Based on a centuries-old Native American dish that uses fruits and herbs to preserve bison, these bars are made from 100% prairie-fed bison, which is known to be heart-healthy and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Meet the Makers: Based on the Pine Ridge Native American Reservation in South Dakota, Native American Natural Foods LLC, the makers of Tanka Bar, are all about creating a family of food products that are delicious and that promote a Native American way of wellness that feeds mind, body, and spirit. They specialize in updating traditional Native American buffalo-based foods with the least amount of processing and the lowest-stress animal handling methods possible. The buffalo have been a big part of the Native American diet and considered sacred to the Lakota people because they provided almost everything they needed to live, whether it be food, clothing, shelter, tools or toys. Nothing was wasted from the buffalo. And now we too can benefit from the work and care that have been put into making a bar that is tasty, good for us, and good for the planet!

Fun Fact: Buffalo consume medicinal plants which contributes to their healthy meat!


GFCO certification Unknown Unknown 


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