Product Review: WrawP Spirulina Wrap

Natural Factor 5/5
Taste Factor 4/5
Fullness Factor 3/5
Overall Rating 4/5
Macros (per serving): Total Fat: 1.3g / Total Carbs: 10g / Protein: 2g

Good with: Sandwich/wrap fixings, especially hummus!

Other Flavors: Original, Spicy, Energizing Morning, Asian, Smokey Heaven, Persimmon Delight, ChiaRAWberri

Why We Love It: A raw totally grain-free plant-based alternative to a tortilla or wrap? Awesome! Made with simple pure organic ingredients, and full of fruit & veg and seeds, these wraps are great for you and the only raw vegan bread alternative out there on the market right now. They’re free from all the key food allergens, including being produced in a nut-free environment. They’re also paleo-friendly. We loved the Spirulina flavor (you can’t really taste the spirulina) and used it to wrap up our Christmas dinner leftovers, but we also can’t wait to try it as a sushi wrapper with rice and fresh veggies.

Meet the Makers: Based right here in Los Angeles, CA (where we’re based!), WrawP started out two years ago selling at local farmer’s markets. Now they’re in 100 stores nationwide and growing. The main common ingredients between their various flavors are apples and zucchini, which they then mix with a variety of other fruits, vegetables, seeds and herbs (depending on the flavor) and dehydrate them. They aren’t certified organic yet but are in the process of getting certified.

Fun Fact: The owner of Wrawp uses them as a pre-workout snack, biting off a few chunks right before his workout to fuel his day!



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