Product Review: Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Cakes

Natural Factor 5/5
Taste Factor 3/5
Fullness Factor 2/5
Overall Rating 3/5
Macros (per serving): Total Fat: 0.5g / Total Carbs: 14g / Protein: 1g

Good with: Smeared with peanut butter or your favorite spread

Other Flavors: Lightly Salted Brown Rice, Caramel Corn, Cinnamon Toast, Flax with Tamari, Hemp-A-Licious, Kettle Corn, Koku Seaweed, Mochi Sweet Rice, Sesame Tamari, Sweet Chili, Tamari With Seaweed, Wild Rice, Apple Cinnamon, Buttery Caramel, Honey Nut

Why We Love It: Sometimes it’s nice just to have a simple, pure base for a more exciting topping. This plain, unsalted, unseasoned brown rice cake doesn’t have much on its own as far as flavor, but we love the comfort of knowing it is made with pure ingredients and can provide a crispy complement to a wide variety of spreads and toppings, ranging from salty to sweet. Gluten-free, whole grain, vegan, organic and non-GMO verified, we love that we can relax knowing we are putting something pure and healthful into our bodies.

Meet the Makers: Founded in 1937, Lundberg Family Farms has been growing and making rice-based products for 4 generations. Today, they make a variety of products ranging from different rice grains to pre-seasoned rice entrees to snacks to baking ingredients. The family is committed to growing rice in a way that is friendly to the environment – they are certified organic (by both the USDA and CCOF) and developed their own “Eco-Farmed” growing system.

Fun Fact: A quote from the founder and first generation Lundberg farmer Albert Lundberg: “Leave the land better than you found it.”

ccof-logo11 Organic certification Non-GMO verifiedWhole grain certificationGFCO certification

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