You Are Loved Foods: Guilt-free Indulgence!


After a lifetime of no sweets, a little boy with Type 1 diabetes tastes Jonathan Heine’s chocolate fudge for the first time. He turns to his mother and tells her he feels so loved. And so the name for You Are Loved Foods is born.

We at The Tasteful Pantry discovered You Are Loved Foods at Expowest last month and were so excited to learn they are also based here in Los Angeles! We were even more excited to taste their delicious treats with the knowledge that they were gluten-free, paleo, low glycemic and vegan. Actually, we had to taste them multiple times because we couldn’t believe how good they were at first. After all, chocolatey fudge like that usually at least contains dairy or sugar. We even tested You Are Loved Foods treats on some diabetic family and friends (thanks Dad!) and asked them to test their blood sugar levels after eating  them – they didn’t go up! Even Lea, The Tasteful Pantry’s Registered Dietitian (and diabetes expert) was impressed!

And so we jumped at the opportunity to team up with Jonathan Heine, the founder of You Are Loved Foods, to include their Fudge Balls in our Low Carb Boxes this month, and in our Shop. If there ever was a food that defines guilt-free indulgence, or having your cake and eating it too, it’s these little delightful creamy chocolatey almond-dusted truffles.

So here’s the rundown. All of You Are Loved Foods products are free from gluten, grains, starch, soy, dairy, sugar alcohols, and added sugars – that means no sugar, cane syrup, agave, inulins, maple syrup, cane juice, honey, fruit juice, etc. So, that may leave you to ask, how do they sweeten their fudge? They are a sweet treat after all, aren’t they? Yes! They use a proprietary sweetener that they developed over many years which contains vegetable glycerin (from palm oil) and monk fruit extract. The first two ingredients in the fudge are coconut cream and organic almond milk. This produces a treat that’s 1/3 of the fat and 1/2 of the calories of leading “regular” dark chocolates, and has less than 1g of net carbs. Most of the ingredients are organic, and they don’t contain any preservatives or artificial additives.

But the most important element is that they taste good, like a true indulgence. Even some of our friends with no dietary restrictions enjoyed them. Now that’s saying a lot.


Jonathan started You Are Loved Foods because he was 100 pounds overweight and pre-diabetic. He couldn’t lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle on traditional “food pyramid” diets. They just made things worse. He was so insulin resistant, he couldn’t metabolize starches or sugars. And refined sugar alcohols made him bloated, achy, and worse.

He discovered the Paleo diet, but couldn’t find treats, grab and go energy foods, or chocolates that weren’t loaded with artificial stuff he didn’t want. So he created his own. 100 pounds lighter and later, he launched You Are Loved Foods to help others in similar predicaments, and help people wanting to live a low carb, or grain free, or low sugar lifestyle have fun with their food.

We’re so excited to bring Jonathan’s fudge balls to our customers in this month’s boxes and in our Shop. Did you receive them in your box? What do you think?

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