Product Review: Nate’s Mediterranean Bites – Kale

Natural Factor 4/5
Taste Factor 3/5
Fullness Factor 3/5
Overall Rating 3/5
Macros (per serving): Total Fat: 2g / Total Carbs: 15g / Protein: 5g

Good with: Your favorite dipping sauce (the package comes with a Tzatziki sauce that has dairy in it).

Other Flavors: Southwestern, Garlic & Pesto

Why We Love It: They’re an interesting twist on your typical falafel, both from a nutritional and flavor perspective, and super easy to heat up and grab for lunch. The Kale flavor tastes a lot like kale, but has the hearty texture and richness of the garbanzo beans. We had it without the tzatziki sauce that comes in the package and it was a little dry, so we topped it with some olive oil and sea salt, which made for a great lunch! Also note the serving size is just 2 balls, so if you’re planning on having this as a meal be sure to take into account the nutritionals for the number of balls you plan to eat.

Meet the Makers: Founded in 1932 in India, ADF Foods, the parent company of Nate’s, is a renowned ethnic food processing company that creates pickles, chutneys, spices, and canned and frozen dishes. As a world leader in ethnic cuisine, ADF Foods compiles in-depth research and uses rich ingredients to create authentic food. The Nate’s line of products is geared towards vegetarian and vegan eaters.

Fun Fact: ADF Foods distributes in over 52 countries, making it one of the leading ethnic Indian food companies in the world!


Non-GMO verified

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