The Awesomeness of Fish…with Recipes


Fish can be one of those foods that you either love or hate. But regardless of your tastebuds, there is no denying the health benefits of wild fish and seafood. They’re high protein, relatively low-fat, and they fuel the body with omega 3 fatty acids… the good kind of fat!

The omega 3’s in fish have an endless amount of nutritional benefits. One of the most important is their ability to increase your brainpower! If you eat fish before a big test or presentation, it just may help you increase your memory capacity and perform at your best. Some studies say that pregnant women who eat fish are more likely to give birth to children who have better cognition and behavior.

The oils in fish also help to nourish your skin and regulate the oil production of your pores. It can even help prevent skin cancer by protecting skin cells from harmful UV-rays (but that doesn’t mean you should skip the sunblock!).

Although many fish populations contain mercury which is harmful to humans, the dangers are outweighed by the benefits as long as you are careful with your choices. Choosing fish that are wild caught, low in mercury and high in omega 3’s like sardines, rainbow trout and wild salmon are the best choices for your health. Fish with a high mercury content like shark and swordfish, should be avoided. The EWG’s Good Seafood Guide is a great tool to use when you are stuck on which seafood to choose!

Now that we know the amazing benefits of fish, let’s dive into a few tasty recipes. Fish and seafood doesn’t have to be plain (although simple is always delicious!), and can be extremely versatile while still remaining healthy! Check out the list below, which includes a few kid-friendly options as well.

  1. Crab cakes have been loved by many for centuries, although they are typically heavy gluten bombs. This recipe substitutes almond flour for wheat flour to make these crab cakes gluten free, moist and addicting!images-2
  2. This wild salmon recipe may be on the simpler side, but it is definitely not lacking in flavor. The combination of red peppers and garlic pair perfectly with the salmon for a light and flavorful dish.Unknown
  3. Perfect for the grill, these fish skewers are fun for kids and adults alike. This recipe combines fish with veggies, but if you want to get a little sweet + savory flavor combination goin’ on, try adding pieces of pineapple or peach to your skewer! images-3
  4. Taco Tuesday anyone? Fish tacos are one of the most popular tacos for a reason – everyone loves them! And a recipe like this will have you celebrating Taco Tuesday more than one day a week. Tacos are also a fun food for kids to create themselves and enjoy eating, so we suggest as many toppings as possible! Unknown-1
  5. Fish pizza might sound weird…. but trust us, it’s not. Grab your favorite (gluten-free) pizza dough, top it with cream cheese, red onion and smoked salmon, and you have yourself one of the fanciest pizzas in town.Unknown-2
  6. Cioppino may sound like it’s a difficult dish to make based on its name, but it is surprisingly easy! This spicy recipe will have your taste buds smiling and asking for more. It’s a light meal that is perfect for lunch or dinner that the whole family will enjoy.Cioppino
  7. Another perfect kid friendly fish recipe may be the most obvious – fish sticks! Tilapia works best with this recipe, and the fish sticks are baked, not fried. Feel free to change up the breading as well, and use gluten free breadcrumbs to yield the same result. Definitely kid approved.4991362593_3120aa4383_b
  8. If you want to get fancy at a backyard BBQ this summer, the first thing that comes to mind is a lobster roll. This isn’t your average lobster roll though, it’s jam packed with hidden veggies and seasonings. Serve these on a regular bun, gluten free bun, or even try it with a collard green wrap for added crunch and added nutrition.19337260735_9726bbf200_o

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