Product Review: Savory Masala Indian Spiced Popcorn

Natural Factor 4/5
Taste Factor 5/5
Fullness Factor 3/5
Overall Rating 5/5
Macros (per serving): Total Fat: 10g / Total Carbs: 13g / Protein: 3g

Good with: By itself.

Other Flavors: Chai Masala, Tamarind Sesame, Coconut Curry, Ghee with Salt, Hot Monkey Pineapple, Saag Paneer, Saffron Rose, Tikka Masala.

Why We Love It: This ain’t your ordinary popcorn – oh the spices and the textures! Most popcorn you find in the store is either salty or sweet, or a combination of salty and sweet. This one has both of those flavors and more. The Savory Masala flavor has a bit of a spice to it, but you still get a tiny hint of sweetness at the end of your bite. And what a BRILLIANT idea to add papadums. In case you’re unfamiliar with papadums, they’re thin crispy lentil chips that are often served with chutney when you first sit down at an Indian restaurant. In this popcorn mix, they added a whole other level of crispy texture and flavor. Oh, and the popcorn is non-GMO too!

Meet the Makers: Based in Portland, OR, Masala Pop was founded by Neha Patel, a former sustainability advocate who has worked on issues like sustainable food issues, waste minimization and toxics issues. Wherever she went, her mom’s care packages would follow with spiced popcorn with papadums. Friends would inhale it quickly, and sometimes she would even have to hide the package to ensure she would get a taste! At the encouragement of friends, in 2011, Neha started experimenting with recipes in her kitchen and that’s where Masala Pop was born. Masala Pop is made with non-GMO and organic ingredients, and the company’s mission includes a committment to support positive social and environmental change.

Fun Fact: In ancient times, people would make popcorn by heating sand in a fire and then stirring kernels of popcorn in the hot sand. This method and is still practiced today by the popcorn “Walahs” (street vendors) in India!



Find Masala Pop’s Savory Masala Popcorn in The Tasteful Pantry’s February boxes!

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