Product Review: Yai’s Thai Medium Salsa

Natural Factor
Taste Factor
Fullness Factor
Overall Rating
Macros (per serving):
Total Fat: 0g / Total Carbs: 3g / Protein: 0g

Good with: Roasted veg or fish.

Other Flavors: Hot/Extra Hot Thai Salsa, Spicy Thai Relish, Chili Lime Hot Sauce, Chili Garlic Hot Sauce

Why We Love It: It’s a fresh, spicy, colorful-tasting salsa with simple delicious ingredients – no preservatives or fillers here. It didn’t taste super Thai to me (although it contains the classic Thai combo of ginger, lime juice and Thai chils), but just like a damn good salsa. The first flavor that hits your palate is the tomato, almost so much that your tongue may start to mistake it for a marinara sauce. But then the spice and the onion and the garlic kicks in and there’s no mistaking it for anything but salsa. We tried it with roasted cauliflower and it added a lively flavor to an otherwise subtle dish. Even though we had the most mild flavor of all their products, it still has a great kick to it, but not so much so that it overpowers the flavors of the other ingredients. I also had a tiny tiny taste of their hottest product, their Chili Garlic Hot Sauce, and let’s just say I was immediately scouring the room for anything milky to wash it down. That one definitely isn’t for the faint of heart, although the herby tomato-y flavor still came through despite the heat. The salsa is gluten-free, vegan, soy-free, paleo-friendly and surprisingly low in sodium for a sauce (35mg per serving)!

Meet the Makers: Based in Denver, CO, Yai’s Thai was founded by Leland Copenhagen and Sarah Hughes in 2015 as an ode to Leland’s Thai grandmother (Yai means grandma in Thai). Their idea was to make traditional Thai recipes and flavors accessible to the US through formats and sauces that we’re familiar with like relish, salsa and hot sauce. The spice level of their sauces is also in line with US palates, i.e. they’re much milder than what their traditional Thai equivalents would be. My tongue was very thankful for that fact 🙂

Fun Fact: Yai’s Thai’s first product, their salsa, was inspired by fish. Yup that’s right – their idea was to capture the flavor of a Thai salmon salad in a jar.




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