Can Exercise Make You Kinder?


When I first started working out in my teens, I had a theory that working out may make you a better person. After all, I just felt nicer and more open after a good workout. Any frustration, stress, or anger I was experiencing usually was dissipated after I had a good sweat. Understandably, the few people I told about this theory questioned my sanity. How could something as mundane and superficial as exercising make you a better person?

I recently wrote an article about how meditation can make you nicer. Although it had been decades since I had thought of my theory about exercise, it prompted me to revisit it and I decided to dig into it a bit in this piece for mindbodygreen.

Today, I don’t think that working out changes who we are, but it does help us to relax and feel more confident, which in my experience, enables us to be more open and creative in our lives and relationships. Have you ever done a hard workout while angry or in the middle of a fight with someone or stuck on a problem? Did you feel differently after your workout?

So now, in addition to all the physical benefits, exercise may have some additional more subtle benefits. How’s that for efficiency? You can read more in my article below for mindbodygreen. Enjoy!

The Exercise Benefits We Don’t Talk About Enough

— Jennifer



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