Product Review: Little Spoon Coconut Cream Pie Frozen Pudding

Natural Factor
Taste Factor
Fullness Factor
Overall Rating
Macros (per serving):
Total Fat: 15g / Total Carbs: 29g / Protein: 1g

Good with:  A spoon 🙂

Other Flavors: Nana Banana, Campfire Chocolate, Caramel Latte, Brown Sugar Vanilla (GF)

Why We Love It: It’s a thick, creamy vegan ice cream. But wait. It’s not just ice cream. If you let it thaw 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, then maybe even 15 minutes, you’ve got yourself a different dessert altogether. At each point in time, you’ve got different stages of a pudding emerging! No more soupy ice cream mess that you throw away (or feel embarrassed to drink out of the cup). And actually once it fully thaws into pudding – which actually has more of the fluffier, non-gelatinous consistency of mousse – the flavor changes. With this coconut cream pie flavor, the pie crust flavor became a tiny bit stronger. The overall flavor is sweet but not too sweet. The consistency in its most frozen state is firm and without that bit of chewiness that typically comes with firmer ice creams. Little Spoon’s coconut cream pie flavor is their ‘free-from’ flavor – it’s gluten, dairy and soy-free, and vegan. The rest of their flavors are dairy-based and contain what they call “inclusions”, things like wafers, graham crackers, marshmallows and bananas, except for their other gluten-free flavor, Brown Sugar Vanilla.

Meet the Makers: Based in Los Angeles, CA, Little Spoon was founded in Oct 2015 by couple Jason Kessler and Hannah Canvasser, who have backgrounds in the food industry (she as a food stylist and he as a food writer). They came upon the idea of frozen pudding one day when Hannah made way too much of her grandma’s Southern Banana Pudding recipe for a date night, so she stuck the leftovers in the freezer. The result was not good – turns out there’s more to it than just sticking pudding in the freezer. After experimenting with different recipes and processes, Hannah and Jason came up with their secret formula for making a delicious creamy frozen pudding. They use all natural ingredients – nothing you can’t pronounce – and have recently begun to ship nationally.

Fun Fact: Hannah and Jason’s favorite state of thaw to eat their frozen pudding is when it feels like a ripe avocado. Just give the cup a little squeeze and if there’s a little bit of give, it’s ready!





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