The Perfect Gluten-Free Picnic

GF-picnicIt’s the countdown to the end of summer, but there’s still time to get outside and enjoy a lovely outdoor picnic! Picnics are a great way to relax and unwind, while eating delicious food and taking in nature with friends and family. They typically include doughy sandwiches, crackers and cheese, and a piece of cake for dessert… but that doesn’t cut it for us! Whether you have celiac disease or are gluten intolerant, you know that something like this takes a bit more effort that just ordering a sandwich from a deli. But lucky for you, we’ve put together the perfect gluten free menu to follow for your next picnic or adventure!

  1. The first items to pull out of your picnic basket are onion & garlic flax crackers and guacamole. This is almost a combination of chips and guacamole, except that your crackers are filled with superfood flax seeds! It’s a light and nourishing appetizer to get the picnic started.
  2. Next it’s time to enjoy a refreshing basil lemonade. The ingredients help to soothe the throat and hydrate your body, along with cool you down. Those little seeds may look like chia seeds, but they’re actually basil seeds! Feel free to add in some additional ingredients to make it an adult beverage as well!
  3. Next up are two perfect side dishes (that could also double as meals!) First is a black rice salad with mangoes and cashews, while the second is a mango slaw with creamy coconut-lime dressing. Both of these recipes can be made vegan, and are dairy free as well! Top them off with some crushed nuts for added crunch.
  4. The highlight of this picnic is the main course: a sandwich! This veggie and hummus sandwich is light and healthy, yet hearty and nourishing. Just swap whole grain bread for gluten free bread (canyon bakehouse is our favorite) and you’re all set! Canyon Bakehouse also makes awesome hamburger and hot dog buns in case you’re feelin’ in the mood for a BBQ!
  5. The last (and some may say best) part of this picnic is the dessert. We couldn’t choose between two, so we decided to include both! Lemon cheesecake bars are not only perfect for summer, but perfect for picnics. This recipe is not only gluten free, but dairy free as well. And last but certainly not least are chocolate-covered Barnana treats. They’ve got the natural sweetness of bananas plus an extra layer of goodness with the dark chocolate coating.

So pack all of these items up, grab a picnic blanket, head to your favorite spot and enjoy an outdoor lunch. We promise it won’t disappoint!

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  1. Thank you so much for including my black rice salad in your picnic. Love the menu!