How Meditation Could Change Your Relationships


In recent years, science has been proving what meditators have known for thousands of years – that meditation offers a host of benefits, from improving your health to increasing your productivity. Personally, I feel like I’m a totally different person from who I was before I started meditating, and sometimes I even feel like a different person before and after I do my daily meditation session.

The things we learn on the meditation cushion when we just open up and be with ourselves in silence can be small or they can be big. Often it’s more about our experience of just sitting on the cushion with the clear and simple intention to be completely present that starts to shift things in a subtle way. We feel differently. We notice thoughts and reactions that we were moving too quickly to notice before. We get to know our minds a little bit better, without judgement or drive.

Many of the benefits of meditation have to do with stress relief and helping you relax. This in itself has the possibility to then help you be kinder and more present in your interactions with other people. But I’ve found some other benefits of meditation that could have an impact on your most personal relationships that may surprise you, especially if you intentionally include them in your practice. Have a look at this piece I wrote for and let me know in the comments below your experience with meditation and whether you think it can help. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

10 Ways Meditation Can Make You a Nicer Person


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