Healthy Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers

Healthy Thanksgiving Leftovers

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re so on the ball that we’re already planning your Thanksgiving leftovers for you – and yes, in a healthy way! Even if your Thanksgiving table was filled with fatty sugary carb-y options (basically unhealthy), I’m guessing you also had some nice veggies on the table too, right? Green bean casserole anyone? So use those green veggies, and add a few of your own at home after the big day and treat yourself to some leftovers that will be good for your taste buds and your waistline! Here are our favorites:

  1. Everything but the kitchen sink – Yep, this is just what you’re thinking. Everything from your dinner table stuffed into a wrap. But don’t be fooled, you do not need to use a flour or corn tortilla to make a wrap. A collard green is the perfect shape, sturdy, and adds a great crunch.  And not to mention high in antioxidants, calcium, and gluten free. Just throw turkey, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce and stuffing in your wrap and voila, Thanksgiving, round two.
  2. Sweet potato with poached eggs. One of our favorite combinations for breakfast is eggs and sweet potatoes. The combination is savory, slightly sweet, and super filling. Poached eggs also give it that extra creaminess for added decadence. So whether you’re sweet potatoes were mashed or roasted, sauté them up with some greens, poach a few eggs, and enjoy your healthy breakfast.
  3. Bone broth. Don’t throw away that turkey carcass! There is nothing more comforting on a chilly night than a bowl of soup, and it turns out bone broth has a ton of nutrients that are healing for your gut and nurturing for your immune system. Just place your carcass in a large pot and cover with water, add 5-6 cloves of garlic, 4 slices of ginger, salt and pepper, and bring to a boil. Then simmer on low heat for at least 8 hours! If you’d like to do a vegan version, throw some broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, green beans and carrots into a pot with some vegetable stock, heat and eat. What’s easier than that?
  4. Creamy Turkey Salad. Now we’re not talking about your everyday, average turkey salad here. We know how some people feel about mayonnaise, so we have something even better (and way more nutritious) to mix your turkey with: mashed avocado! Avocado is high in healthy fats and fiber, and is considered a beauty food. Just mashup avocado with a few spices, then mix your turkey in. It will be the same consistency as a typical turkey salad, but tastier and so much healthier for you!
  5. Turkey Stir-Fry. Kinda like fried rice but try using cooked quinoa instead for a healthier twist. Just throw it in a wok with all your leftovers, chopped into bite-sized morsels, add a beaten egg and your favorite seasoning (gluten-free tamari + sriracha, anyone?), and stir-fry on medium-high heat for a few minutes. It makes for a super easy and nutritious lunch to bring to the office or school!
  6. Lettuce Wrap Tacos. We love every chance we get to give food a Mexican twist, so why not turn your Thanksgiving leftovers into healthy tacos? Mix your leftover vegetables together, and heat up the turkey (omit if you’re a vegetarian). Instead of using a tortilla, use butter lettuce as the wrap, and fill with your delicious leftovers. Top the tacos with avocado and even some cheese, and enjoy your flavorful Thanksgiving all over again.
  7. Thanksgiving Green Salad. Lettuce, roasted vegetables and turkey – enough said! Mix your salad together with your favorite dressing, top with pecans or walnuts, and even add a touch of cranberry sauce on top. There’s something about roasted veg with meat in salad that tastes so right, and nothing gets your eating habits back on track like a healthy, hearty salad.

How will you be using your Thanksgiving leftovers in a healthy way?

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