Product Review: Peace Cereal Purple Corn Flakes

Natural Factor
Taste Factor
Fullness Factor
Overall Rating
Macros (per serving):
Total Fat: 1g / Total Carbs: 23g / Protein: 2g

Good with: Your favorite type of milk

Other Flavors: Raisin Bran, Blueberry Walnut Clusters & Flakes, Coconut Chia Almond Clusters & Flakes, Vanilla Almond Clusters & Flakes, Maple Pecan Clusters & Flakes, Wild Berry Clusters & Flakes, Mango Peach Passion Clusters & Flakes, Blueberry Pomegranate Clusters & Flakes, Coconut Craze Granola, Honey Flax Granola, French Vanilla Granola, Maple Pecan Granola, Fruit Seed & Nut Muesli

Why We Love It: It’s interesting – seriously, who would have thought of purple corn flakes? Although there isn’t a lot of scientific evidence to prove it, purple corn is an ancient grain known for its high levels of anthocyanins, antioxidants that are known to be anti-inflammatory, promote blood flow and reduce cholesterol. The flavor of this cereal is simple, it’s just got the slightest hint of sweetness and that’s about it. So it’s great for people who want to keep it simple at breakfast time and don’t want a lot of sweet. Or for people who want to top it with fruit, nuts or other ingredients to spice it up. It’s also crispier than traditional corn flakes, which we liked.

Meet the Makers: Based in the Willamette Valley, OR, Peace Cereal was founded over two decades ago and is now part of the Attune Foods family (see our review of their Crispy Brown Rice cereal). Peace Cereal makes a variety of organic and non-GMO breakfast cereals and granolas, most of which are vegan but not gluten-free.

Fun Fact: Attune Foods, Sweet Home Farm’s parent company, evolved from Erewhon, one of the founding members of the natural foods movement in the 1960’s!

organicNon-GMO verified



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