The Perfect Brunch Food: The Frittaffle (GF)


Yup, you read that right! It’s a Frittaffle, which is a combination of a frittata and a waffle. How good does that sound? Unfortunately, we can’t take credit for inventing this dish, we have to hand it to Real Food by Dad for creating this savory and versatile brunch treat.

The base of the Frittaffle is eggs and potatoes, with whatever additional toppings you’d like to add in there. This recipe adds bacon, bell peppers, arugula and cheese, but you could also add other yummy ingredients like spinach, sausage, roasted pistachios, and savory sweet coconut bacon.

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Chinese Tea Eggs for Lunar New Year!


Today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year, normally celebrated in Asian countries with family dinners, fireworks, paying respects to ancestors, and a month off work. This year is the Year of the Sheep, known for its gentleness, calmness and thoughtfulness. There are numerous foods that are eaten during the New Year that symbolize good luck and fortune, including sticky rice cake, steamed whole fish and dumplings, but we wanted to share one that is easy to make and great as a breakfast, snack or appetizer, plus it’s super healthy: Chinese Tea Eggs. We’ve adapted this recipe from Use Real Butter. There is a lot of soaking time involved (we recommend you start a day ahead), but that is really just to get the maximum flavor infused into your eggs. We hope you enjoy both the unique flavor and look of the eggs once they’re finished! Happy New Year!!

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