Quinoa-stuffed Roast Veg (GF, DF)


Last weekend I visited my cousin and her husband and their new baby up in the Bay Area. They love to cook, especially healthy and European-inspired foods (he’s French). On Sunday night they made a delicious and healthy meal that he had apparently dreamed about the night before, and when I came home I was inspired to make it. I love this meal because you can make a large quantity of the stuffing ahead of time and use it to stuff veg or just eat on its own. It is a complete meal with meat, vegetables and grains in each bite – and it leaves you completely satisfied. Not to mention it’s gluten-free and goes beautifully with a glass of pinot noir. It is a bit of a complex and multi-step process to make, but well worth it, believe me! And you’ll have leftovers to munch on for the next few days!

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