Delicious & Healthy Edible Gifts


Ho! Ho! Ho! The holidays are upon us! And we know this typically means cakes and cookies all around – but you can give your loved ones a healthy spin with your edible gifts! There are plenty of ways to indulge and treat yourself at holiday parties without straying (too far from) your normal eating routine. We’ve already given some tips on how to deal with holiday parties when you have a food intolerance and how to have a healthy holiday season, and now we have a ton of treats for you to give as holiday gifts, as thoughtful hostess gifts, or to offer at your own party!

Making something to bring to a party or to give as as gift can be a fun and personal process, but there’s also nothing wrong with bringing something pre-made to a party! The Tasteful Pantry offers items to fit a variety of dietary restrictions, along with the strongest sweet tooth.  And what’s the best part? These snacks taste so good that you can serve them at your own party or bring them to a friend’s, and no one will ever suspect that they are healthy. You can just giggle to yourself with your own holiday secret. Below are some great pre-made treats and easy recipes for delicious edible gifts that you can wrap up to give to friends and family, or to bring to your next party!

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