Raw Witches Fingers (GF, V)


Let’s face it – the season to indulge really starts on Halloween, am I right? With all the chocolate, candy and baked goods popping up on what seems like every desk, plate and table, it can be hard to resist the temptation of pure sugar at this time of year. One way to help stave off indulging in all those sugar cravings is to keep your taste buds and tummy satisfied with delicious food and treats. Keep the good stuff nearby and just as accessible as the candy, and you can even schedule a fun family project to make a yummy but not refined-sugar-laden treat together! 

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Gluten-Free Chocolate Spiderweb Cupcakes


Here at The Tasteful Pantry, we love Halloween, maybe because it’s so easy to act like kids again, or maybe it’s because there seems to be an abundance of sweets everywhere! The only downside is that so many of the sweets or highly processed and contain all sorts of unsavory ingredients. This year, why not prepare your own homemade Halloween treats to satisfy your and your family’s sweet tooth (teeth?) and save yourselves from overdosing on the junky candy being pedaled by well-intentioned neighbors and friends? We found this fun, gluten and grain-free recipe for chocolate spiderweb cupcakes with chocolate peanut butter fudge frosting from Texanerin that we think you and the kids will love! They’re made with natural, healthy ingredients with no sugar and are full of protein so you and the kids can avoid the sugar crash and feel energized for your Trick-or-Treating adventures. So have some fun and indulge without the guilt this Halloween! 

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Halloween for Kids with Food Allergies


Halloween is coming up, which means lots of sweets and indulgences will be up for grabs! For those with food allergies and especially for parents of children with food allergies, this can be an especially challenging time, since some of the very allergens that trigger dangerous reactions will literally be up for grabs. Below is a helpful article from The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology containing tips for an allergy friendly Halloween.

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