Juice Cleanse Diary


It’s January, and in the last 3 days I’ve met 3 people who are doing some sort of cleanse – be it juice, food, or soup-based. Keep in mind I’m in LA so that kind of thing isn’t that uncommon around here. But still, cold-pressed juice is becoming more and more popular across the country, and the benefits of intermittent fasting are also being explored more in scientific research. Cleansing for a few days can be a great way to reset both your body and your mind, and to give your digestive system a break. It’s my go-to when I’ve been glutened (or dairy-ed, if that’s a word) to help to clean out my system. Cleansing or fasting also may have the added benefit of changing your perspective on food and your relationship to food, as it did for me. As you’ll see from this diary I kept while doing a 3-day juice cleanse, food is a huge part of my life, and I have a lot of habitual patterns as well as emotions tied up in food. But by keeping this diary, I was able to observe my thoughts and practice putting it all in perspective and coming back to

Day 1

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Partner Feature: Ritual Wellness

The Tasteful Pantry is happy to announce that our partner promotion with Ritual Wellness, a top of the line organic juice cleanse company based in Southern California. For a limited time, Tasteful Pantry members get 20% off a 3-day Reset Cleanse (details below). Jumpstart your New Years resolution now!

RC_Lineup_Seasonal smallerRitual Wellness makes 100% organic, fresh-pressed, raw juices and is the only cleanse that offers a fitness-friendly option. Ritual’s mainstay product is their Reset Cleanse, which comes in classic and seasonal varieties. Each cleanse comes with a variety of green juices, detoxing lemonades and nut “mylks”. For those wanting more flexibility with their juicing, they also offer a “build your own” option that can be used to complement a healthy balanced diet.

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