Food allergies vs. Food sensitivities

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This very helpful article below from Dr. Frank Lipman talks about the difference between food allergies and food sensitivities (aka intolerances), in particular with reference to kids. Both are immune system responses and both are on the rise. Learn about what they mean and what to look out for.

Food Allergy versus Food Sensitivity: What You Need to Know

Robyn O’Brien June 26

It’s Food Allergy Awareness Week this week.  In the early years of this work, when we first began speaking about food allergies, people used to look at you like you were making it up.  How could a child be allergic to food?  And since when?  As kids, we ate PB&Js and had cartons of milk for lunch at school. They weren’t loaded weapons on a lunchroom table.  What’s changed?  And why has it changed so fast? 

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