Slow Cooker Red Lentil Dal (GF, Vegan)


For some reason, just picturing a slow cooker conjures up an image of warmth, sharing and comfort food for me. Not to mention convenience – how great is it to be able to throw your ingredients in in the morning, then to leave it plugged in while you go about your day and come home to a pot of ready-to-eat deliciousness? Almost seems like magic!

This recipe isn’t your typical slow cooker recipe. It is loaded with spices and flavor and involves a few more ingredients and a a bit more prep than a typical slow cooker recipe, but it’s worth it. Plus it will last you for a while. Red lentils are loaded with protein, fiber, B vitamins and iron, so you’re getting a ton of nutrition as well as flavor with this dish. Serve with some quinoa or brown rice and you’ve got yourself a hearty satisfying meal.

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Thanksgiving Lentil Walnut Loaf with Sweet Potato (GF, V)


Here at The Tasteful Pantry, we love Thanksgiving. More specifically, we love Thanksgiving feasts. There is something about the combination of Autumn and the colors, smells and flavors of a Thanksgiving feast that make it so comforting and homey. But sometimes you need a change from the yearly turkey. And if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, then many of the typical Thanksgiving dishes are out of the question for you. But not to worry, there are many amazing plant-based Thanksgiving recipes out there that are delicious, satisfying, and perfect for sharing around the table.

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