Revamp Your (and Your Kids’) Lunchbox!


It’s not hard to admit that lunch is one of the hardest meals to eat when keeping your diet on track. It’s also difficult to pack a lunch for your kids in a hurry that’s not the boring (and sugar-laden) peanut butter and jelly. It takes preparation and scheduling, and let’s face it – we all don’t have that kind of time on our hands!

Sure, picking up a salad on your lunch break is great and all, but it gets old quick! We want to eat healthy, but we’ve definitely lost the battle against our minds a few times to a slice of pizza during lunch. But we’re done with that! It’s time that we bring something for lunch that we look forward to, not dread eating. Remember everyone, eating is one of life’s greatest joys – so why not enjoy every meal?

We’ve rounded up a bunch of quick “recipes” and ideas for you to bring (and enjoy!) for lunch. There are also a few ideas for your kids as well!

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10 Ways to Re-Use the Tasteful Pantry box!

Treat Box

Since the Tasteful Pantry launched, we’ve heard from multiple customers that they love the box that their Treat Box goodies come in, and that it’s so pretty they don’t want to throw it away! We love our box too and wanted to make sure it was not only aesthetically pleasing but also strong and functional. Did you know that each box is strong enough that you could probably stand on it? So after the box has served its initial purpose of protecting your treats, give it a makeover with these creative ways to re-purpose the box. And of course if none of these tickles your fancy, you can always recycle it! 

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