Finally, Paleo Bread!


Whether you follow a Paleo diet due to medical issues or personal preference, we all have that one food we miss. You know, the one you may have thrown a temper tantrum about when you realized it’s on your “do not eat” list. We totally understand.

One of the most readily available foods on the planet and staple in the American diet turns out to be the biggest no-no for paleo eaters: bread. Sandwiches, French toast, stuffing…you get where we’re going with this. Although we love the taste, we know the havoc it wreaks on our digestive system (and further) so we willingly choose not to eat it. It’s not always easy!

But we’ve got some good news for you! Danielle Walker of Against All Grain has cracked the code and created a moist, crusty and versatile Paleo bread. Yes, I said bread! It’s gluten-free, grain free, dairy-free and yeast free. Does it get any better than that?

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New 100% Gluten-Free Restaurant in NC: PRIMAL


When I first heard about this restaurant, I literally started jumping up and down. If you’re celiac or highly sensitive to gluten, you can probably understand why. Eating out for people with celiac disease and extreme allergies/sensitivities means something completely different than for others. Lots of planning must be done in advance to decipher menu’s, speak to chefs/kitchen managers to understand how they protect against cross contamination (if at all), and strategize about how not to offend friends/hosts/guests/restaurant staff. Even for those who are just gluten intolerant, the chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy the meal from start to finish are few and far between. But not if you have a completely 100% dedicated gluten-free kitchen and restaurant! No more eating beforehand, no more bringing your own food! At Primal Food & Spirits in Durham, North Carolina, there isn’t a crumb of gluten ANYWHERE on the premises.

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