Raw Witches Fingers (GF, V)


Let’s face it – the season to indulge really starts on Halloween, am I right? With all the chocolate, candy and baked goods popping up on what seems like every desk, plate and table, it can be hard to resist the temptation of pure sugar at this time of year. One way to help stave off indulging in all those sugar cravings is to keep your taste buds and tummy satisfied with delicious food and treats. Keep the good stuff nearby and just as accessible as the candy, and you can even schedule a fun family project to make a yummy but not refined-sugar-laden treat together! 

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My Favorite Summer Fruits!


Summer brings a bountiful harvest of tastes, colors, textures, and super nutrients in the form of FRUIT! This is my favorite time of year to visit my local farmers market and marvel at all the colors and nutrients around. There are so many wonderful choices, but there are definitely a few that pack a greater nutritional punch!

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I Dream of Macaroons


Our first Member Specials are here! We are so excited to be able to offer 100% raw organic chocolate macaroons made exclusively for the Tasteful Pantry by one of LA’s best (in our opinion, THE best) vegan restaurants, Café Gratitude. Made from the finest all-natural ingredients, this delicious chocolate macaroon will envelope your taste buds with its rich chocolate flavor and hearty coconut texture.

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