Sugar & Sweeteners – Which to Use?


Following the breaking scientific research published on September 17th* that showed that consuming the artificial sweeteners saccharin (Sweet’n Low), sucralose (Splenda) and aspartame (Equal) may actually lead to diabetes and obesity due to their impact on gut bacteria, we at The Tasteful Pantry have received questions from readers asking what is ok to eat if now artificial sweeteners are bad for us and sugar is bad for us? It’s a completely natural question to ask, especially if you know you have a sweet tooth. The short answer is, there is no one right answer for everyone, and as with many things, moderation is the key. However read on for more information to help you weigh  your choices.

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Dear Lea

Dear Lea: I am reasonably health conscious but when I get hungry, I crave sugary snacks that leave me dissatisfied about half an hour after consumption (low energy, tired, irritable). What types of snacks should I be looking to consume between meals so I don’t have this craving? Also, do you have an opinion on which sweeteners are better than others (e.g., Spelnda vs. Stevia, etc.)?  –JH.

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